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The Lean It Up Challenge - Get Lean & Light in Just 3 Weeks With Daily How-To & Support!

If you want something that is simple and easy to follow, super great value with everything you need to know to GET RESULTS! Then you're going to love The Lean It Up Challenge!  This super packed program is just $49!! If you join TODAY ONLY  it will be yours gorgeous for just $21!! 

Here is what you get:

*Meal plans for the entire challenge

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*A daily video message from me, with motivational and mindset support as well as practical tips and tricks to maximise your results

*Tracking and progress reports

*Simple, easy to follow meal plans and recipes - no out of the ordinary expensive foods or weird stuff!

*Fun and the powerful experience that comes from working through this program to achieve your goals and smash some fat!


What you can expect to achieve!

You will shape up FAST! It's pretty simple. And the truth is you DO pretty much know what you should be doing, but that doesn't mean you're doing it! I want to give you the kick up the butt you need to get revved up and organised about peeling off the extra layers in a way that is sane, healthy and gets results! The Lean It Up Challenge is based on the exact nutrition and training that i'll personally follow when I need to get photo-shoot read! So trust me when I say that this system works!

A snapshot of what my clients have to say!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I lost 10cm in Week One! - Katrina Tuscano


Holy moly! That first day workout makes me sweat more than my balance & combat classes combined. Awesome work!  So far loving it!  U rock Kat! - Chason Gripton


"Hi Kat, Loving it!  Best thing is, I can do it outdoors whilst the littlies are playing.  My 3 year old son was watching me do walking lunges and shouted "you're almost there mum!" Very motivating stuff! Thanks x" - Anita Nichols


"Just smashed out today's workout.  Managed 2 rounds in 25 mins and yep I got my sweat on!!" - Kim Crowther


"Day 2, going STRONG!  I will tell you this: I was in the middle of a popular home workout routine but decided to do your challenge instead for the next 2 weeks.  Your workouts are by far more intense and they fit into my busy lifestyle!  Can't wait to post my photos when it's over!" - Heather Ford


"I am 4 days in and can't believe how great I feel. I considered myself pretty fit and healthy before but have realised I was doing too much cardio and not eating enough protein. Changing those 2 things has made me feel not only great but I am noticing small physical changes already! - crazy!  Can't wait to see the results at the end."  - Michelle Martello-Payne


"Loving it so much!  I have my brand new jeans hanging in my room staring at me waiting to be worn, a constant reminderof what I want!  I'm only doing the food side of this plus a little light exercise due to having surgery a weeka ago BUT even so I have lost 4.2kg in 5 days!!! Thank you, thank you.  Will be doing the whole program in full again when I can do the exercise too" - Naomi Bartlett


"Thanks so much Kat!  I  have followed your nutrition plan exactly, even had afew green smoothies!  I've done your sweat session workouts and have been sore after most of them :-)  I'm feeling stronger, I have more energy and I'm not desperate for sugar - this past fortnight has been fantastic!!  Oh and I've lost 2.2kg too!!! Thanks so much xxx" - Rosie Wallace


"Hey Kat! I have cut out the sugar and wheat to start with. I have lost 4kg so far and the bloating has gone down.  It makes you realise that the things we eat are so wrong for our bodies. Thank you" - Chrissy Simons


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Join the Lean It Up Challenge!

3 Weeks of Meal Plans, Workouts, Motivation and Support to Get You In Shape, Fast!

Just $49 $21 if you join TODAY!